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When I set foot on Santorini, Greece's treasure of an island, I was immediately swept away by its sheer beauty. The first thing that strikes you is the breathtaking play of blue and white. Cats casually posing as if they're seasoned models, and the sunsets – oh, the sunsets – painting the sky with pure, unadulterated magic. Amidst all this wonder, you find yourself sandwiched between the jets soaring high above and the ships leaving their mark on the vast canvas of the ocean. Exploring the island feels like unraveling an intricate puzzle, with steps beckoning you to get lost in its beauty.


And to amplify this sense of discovery, I've woven shifting staircases throughout the photobook's pages, guiding you through the beauty that unfolds before the sun dips below the horizon. This photobook captures my perspective of Santorini. 



Work Title


Client Name

A visual identity system inspired by the one and only, actress, singer, model zendaya characteristics, acting style, and the personality she stands for. Branding includes a magazine for an imaginary event at Times Square, poster and an app inspired from the actress.

The aim of this project was to use all the learnings we experienced through the course Type intensive in four weeks. 24 page publication design aimed to develop a personal point of view regarding typeface pairing, hierarchy, grids and overall editorial design.

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