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Surf High

Surf High is a regional surf festival that takes place in Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Islands. Ticketing is the main goal of the website, which provides an online booking platform for participants, towns, and tourists.


Being a person who always wondered how I could bring a strong dentity of local things that’s been rooted among the localities. Therefore, I attempted this project inspired by the local aspects of the place and surf festival. It is something that blends into the environment among beach signs, boat typography and illustration, sea and red sand beaches. 



Maryland Institute College of arts


Work Title


Client Name

A visual identity system inspired by the one and only, actress, singer, model zendaya characteristics, acting style, and the personality she stands for. Branding includes a magazine for an imaginary event at Times Square, poster and an app inspired from the actress.

The aim of this project was to use all the learnings we experienced through the course Type intensive in four weeks. 24 page publication design aimed to develop a personal point of view regarding typeface pairing, hierarchy, grids and overall editorial design.

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