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As part of the GDMA grad show, we designed the big window at MICA. Each of these 312 postcards represents a thesis project created by a GDMA student. The type is inspired by the idea of all the students coming from different parts of the world. 


Hayelin Choi


Shanmathy Kumaravel


Ryan Gross & Shanmathy Kumaravel

Big window Team

Isha Joshi, Hrishikesh Birodkar

Ryan Gross, Wilson Tuan,

Shruthi Balasubramaniam,

Shanmathy Kumaravel, Vishwa Shukla

Work Title


Client Name

A visual identity system inspired by the one and only, actress, singer, model zendaya characteristics, acting style, and the personality she stands for. Branding includes a magazine for an imaginary event at Times Square, poster and an app inspired from the actress.

The aim of this project was to use all the learnings we experienced through the course Type intensive in four weeks. 24 page publication design aimed to develop a personal point of view regarding typeface pairing, hierarchy, grids and overall editorial design.

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